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Pencil Case



Practise using the language of pencil case objects

OHT Subjects Word 3 School subjects OHT no vocabulary except question
OHT Subjects part 2 Word 3 OHT with vocabulary only
Round Robin Word 3 OHT to set up round robin about subjects
Favourites Word 3 Favourite school subjects
Favourites P Version Word 3 Pupil handout
Basic Opinions Word 3 Basic opinions on school subjects

School Subjects

Word 3 School subjects, opinions and brief school day
School Subjects 2 Word 3 Guess the subject from the paraphrase
School Subjects 3 Word 3 Worksheet with to write vocabulary and answer questions
School Subjects 4 Word 4 Anagrams and paraphrases to recap school subjects
School Clothes Word 3 What do you wear at school
School Uniform Word 3 More descriptions, Encore Une Fois game and gap fill text
Our School Word 3 Instructions & Game to get around the school
Our School WS Word 3 Worksheet with wordsearch and vocabulary, plus answers
Recap Classrooms & Uniforms Word 3 Paraphrase to find the classroom and opinions about school uniforms
School Day Dialogue Word 3/4 Interview about German school day
School Day PowerPoint 3/4 PowerPoint to help pupils write about their typical school day
Study or Work Word 4 Long text about work vs school
Study or Work P version Word 4 Gap fill pupil version of Study or Work text and vocabulary exercises
School Synonyms Word 3 Find synonyms for vocabulary on school
Timetable Word 3 Teacher's timetable and questions
Timetables Word 3 Four to a page, timetables in German
Spot the mistakes Word 3 Find the mistakes in the sentences
Opinions1 Word 3 Opinions on school subjects
Opinions2 Word 3 Answers to above grid (possibly taken from a reading comprehension, not sure where though - could be useful anyway.)
School Adjectives Word 3 OHT with adjectives - decide if they are positive or negative
School Opinion Questions Word 3 Basic questions on school - no answers
Teacher Opinion Vocab Word 3 OHT with opinions about the teacher
Crack the Code Word 3 Grid with vocabulary. Number each word in the grid and pupils make sentences from the numbers you give them.
Make Wordsearch Word 3 Grid and pictures - pupils add the words to make a wordsearch
Song Word 3 To the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In
Song 2 Word 3 To the tune of The Farmer Wants a Wife

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