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Do you have any brothers or sisters? Word 3 OHT to introduce language of brothers, sisters, step, half etc
Do you have any brothers or sisters? P Version Word 3 Version of above OHT for pupils to use
Do you have any brothers or sisters? Song Powerpoint 3 Poweproint with a song about brothers and sisters (not sure of the tune!) and a slide with gaps to print out for pupils
Family members Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint with vocabulary but no picturs
Describe family Word 3 Simple worksheet to write down family members
Ideal Family Word 3 OHT with an ideal family tree
Ideal Family Pupil Word 3 Worksheet for pupils to create their own ideal family
Bart's Family Word 3 Bart Simpson describes his family
Pets Worksheet Word 3 Worksheet for pupils to complete the information of what pets they have
My favourite pet Word 3 Text on favourite pet and what you have to do with them
Pets Powerpoint 3 Introduction of pets vocabulary
Wordsearch Family & Pets Word 3 Wordsearch on family and pets
Do you get on with your family Word 4 OHT or worksheet to talk about getting on with family members, survey
Translate sentences Word 4 Translate sentences (German given) on getting on with family members
At the Psychiatrists Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint of a patient talking to a psychiatrist about their family
At the Psych 2 Word 4 Worksheet to go with powerpoint
Writing Task Word 4 Year 10 writing task on family

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