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Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint introducing language of what people look like
Big Brother Powerpoint 3 Nominating people depending on their personality
Descriptions List Word 3 Descriptions of people as a vocabulary list
Famous People 1 Word 3 Short descriptions and pictures
Famous People 2 Word 3 Short descriptions and pictures
Reading Text Word 3 Description of family members
Best Friend Word 3 How to talk about your best friend and what they are like
Writing Task Word 3 Based on personal descriptions and clothes
My Ideal Man Word 3 A description of my ideal man with tasks
Crazy Monster Word 3 A silly description of a monster
Characteristics Word 3 Adjectives on OHT
What do you look like Word 3 Pictures of famous people and short descriptions
What do you look like grid Word 3 Grids to go with the above pictures and text
What do you look like WS Word 3 Worksheet on the above tasks
Language Grid Word 3 Descriptions with comparisons
Eye Colour Word 3 Worksheet - colour in the boxes depending on eye colour
Fashion Word 4 Text on fashion and how important it is for people
True or False Word 3 Spot the mistakes in the sentences and give reasons why
Reading Word 3 Gabi's favourite clothes and quetions
Reading 2 Word 3 Klaus's favourite clothes and questions
Guess who Word 3 Guess who the person is through the clothes they wear
Clothes Wordsearch Word 3 Clothes vocabulary
Worksheet Word 4 Clothes vocabulary and tasks

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