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Where my house is Word 3 OHT with language of where the house is i.e. in the countryside, in town etc
Vocabulary Word 4 All house and room vocabulary plus structures
Where I live Gaps Word 3 Gap fill task on where I live
Where I live Powerpoint 3 With text and language to talk about the text

My House



Worksheets on the house, including descriptions

Objects in Bedroom Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint introducing language of objects in the bedroom
My Bedroom Description Powerpoint 3 Further descriptions of my bedroom
Who lives here? Word 3 Vocabulary grid for house descriptions
Who lives here? 2 Word 3 Vocabulary grid as above but with gaps
Famous People's Houses Word 3 A couple of famous people's houses descriptions
Famous People's Houses 2 Word 3 As above but for other people
Grid for famous people Word 3 Fill in the grid for the information from the pictures
Can you describe your house? Powerpoint 3 Using questions to describe the house
Type of houses Powerpoint 3 Introducing language to describe the type of house you live in
Rooms Word 3 Spot the mistakes
House & Room Word 3 Worksheet on the house and your room.
Furniture Word 3 Vocabulary list
Opinions on House Word 3 Adjectives and opinions on your house
Translation Word 3 Short English text for pupils to translate on bedroom descriptions
Describe House Listening Word 3 Gap fill and vocabulary search
My Ideal House Word 4 Description of my ideal house using the conditional
Letter Word 3/4 Read the letter about the house and complete the exercises
Comprehension Word 3 Read a letter from a friend about their house and exercises
Write a letter Word 3 Write a letter describing your house
Writing Task Word 3 Describing your family and your house
Daily Routine Poster Word 3 Poster with text on daily routine
School Day Powerpoint 3 Daily Routine verbs and song
Daily Routine & School Powerpoint 3 Verbs of things to do before and after school and school subjects including verb gap fill tasks
My Day & Time Word 3 Fill in the gaps worksheet and writing task
Word Position with Wann Word 3 Practising word positions saying when you do things
Harry Potter's Day Word 3 Text describing what Harry Potter does every day
Daily Routine Text Word 3 Gap fill text with pictures to prompt
Interview Partner Word 3 Interview your partner to find out about their daily routine
School Day 1 Word 3 Model answer describing school day
School Day 2 Word 3 OHT with language
Daily Routine Word 3 Text and worksheets
Daily Routine Game Word 3 Game Encore une fois with daily routine
Getting on with the family Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint talking to a psychiatrist about the family and getting on with each other
What do you do to help at home Word 4 OHT and pupil worksheet to fill in the vocabulary of chores in the home
Chores Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint with language and verb practice
Vocabulary List Word 4 Chores in the house
How do you help at home? Word 4 OHT with language
Reading Word 4 What do you do to help at home comprehension
Worksheet Word 4 Chores worksheet
Pocket Money Powerpoint 4 Learn to talk about how much money you get and for doing what chores

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