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Summer Holidays



Talk about where you went, what you did and the weather

Comparatives Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint introducing how to form the comparative
Comparatives worksheet Word 3 How do you prefer to travel on holiday?
Activities Vocabulary Word 3 Vocabulary list of things you can do on holiday
A Nightmare Holiday Word 4 OHT to set up the task of describing a nightmare holiday
Car Breakdown Word 4 OHTs vocabulary match up cards and oral cue cards
Car Breakdown WS Word 4 Worksheet
Car Breakdown T Word 4 Teacher version with answers, can be used as an OHT
Germany Description Word 4 A Description of Germany and comparisons with UK
Accommodation Questions Word 4 Can be used a running dictation
OHT Holidays Word 4 OHT with language to enable you to talk about holidays
 Verbs for a Journey Word 4 Verbs with Haben and Sein
Translation Sentences Word 4 Translation of sentences about hometown and holidays
What will you do in the summer of ???? Word 4 Worksheet to talk about what you will do in a future holiday. Change the date as necessary!
What will you do in the summer of ppt Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint to go with the above worksheet
Letter Word 4 Letter on a holiday, includes past tenses and future tenses
Future Tense Word 4 Worksheet with a text on what you will do on holiday and exercises
Coloured Reading Word 4 Geri Halliwells Letter about her holidays coloured
Transport Match Up Word 3 German to be matched to English
Accommodation Word 3 OHT or worksheet to say where you stayed on holiday
Travel information Word 3 Worksheet with sentences to practise saying when, how and where you went
Travelling Adv/Dis Word 4 Which mode of transport do you prefer and why?
Transport Word 4 Fill in the gaps
True False Comprehension Powerpoint 4 Guess if the facts are true or not
Writing Task Word 4 What did you do in the summer holidays
A Strange Journey Word 4 Description of a strange journey
Ewan McGregor's Journey Powerpoint 4 Ewan McGregor's journey around the world - an interview
Summer Holidays Word 4 Worksheets/OHTs to recap summer holidays
My dream holiday Word 4 Postcards and useful vocabulary

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