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Accident Gap Fill

Word 4 Can you describe the accident? Complete the text with the words at the bottom of the sheet.
What's the Matter? Word 4 What's the matter with you? Song
What's the matter? Gap fill Word 4 Gap fill text
At the Doctor Word 4 List of language of instructions to follow from the doctor
Who Says What Word 4 Decide which sentences are said by the patient or the doctor, followed by a find the German for exercise and a group activity
With the nutritionist Word 4 Writing exercise, first describe your daily eating habits, then have a nutritionist analyse it and recommend some changes

At the doctors




A Conversation at the chemists Word 4 Complete the dialogue with what could be said at the chemists
A Conversation at the chemists 2 Word 4 Completed dialogue at the chemists
C  Roleplay Word 4 An example C Roleplay (Edexcel) at the chemists
Appointment dialogue Word 4 How to make an appointment at the doctors
What to buy in  the pharmacy Powerpoint 4 Basic powerpoint with language of what to buy at the pharmacy
Accident Group Work Powerpoint 4 In a group describe an accident and then grade each groups presentation
How to describe an accident Powerpoint 4 Guess the questions for describing the accident and then go through the language for the answers
Smoking Word 4 Text on smoking followed by questions and vocabulary searching exercise
Keep Fit Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint on keeping fit and smoking, includes gap fill text and vocabulary searching
Keep Fit Word 4 Gap fill text and questions
Smoking & Health Powerpoint 4 Recap of vocabulary and an interview with Trevor McDonald
Keep Fit Grid Word 4 Language grid with vocabulary
Wordsearch Word 4 Find the vocabulary in a wordsearch
Alcohol Powerpoint 4 Introduction to the problem with alcohol
Listening Drugs Word 4 Based on LernpunktDeutsch 3
Medicine Powerpoint 4 Talking about the medicine you need
Tschüs ungesund; Hallo gesund! Word 4 Song
tobacco Quiz Word 4 Answer the questions on the origins of tobacco
Smoking Powerpoint 4 Vocabulary and questions
Text on Smoking Word 4 Text to go with the above powerpoint
Unfallgesprach Word 4 Gap fill text and questions
Crack  the Code Word 4 Medicine code cracker
Food Test Word 4 Choose the right answer about the food you eat
At the Doctors Dominoes Word 4 Language in squares to play a game

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