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Time expressions Word 3 Time expressions with grammar
Time expressions Powerpoint 3 Making sentences

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit


3 OHT with like and dislike language
Der Hobbys Song Word 3 Song for hobbies - not sure of the tune! Email me if you know.

Was machst du gern in deiner Freizeit? WS

Word 3 Worksheet - fill in the gaps according to the picture
Was machst du gern.. OHT Word 3 List of things to do in free time (as sentences) plus picture
Free Time Writing Word 3 Writing question on free time
Free time test Word 3 Verb practice and gap fill on free time
Free time Verbs Word 3 Verb explanation and paradigm plus task
Gern Powerpoint 3 Using Gern when talking about free time activities
Gern Mistakes Word 3 Find the mistakes in the sentences
Preferences Word 3 Overview of structures and some questiosn
OHT Gern Word 3 OHT with vocabulary and questions on hobbies
Suggestions for a date Word 3 Questions with suggestions for a date OHT
Ein Date Powerpoint 4 Arranging a date powerpoint plus excuses
Telephone conversation Word 4 Fill in the gaps telephone conversation
Excuses wordsearch Word 4 Wordsearch - find the excuses
What would you like to buy Word 3 OHT with pictures and CQ only
What would you like to buy2 Word 3 OHT with pictures and words
Buy Match Up Word 3 OHT match up the objects
Buy Match up 2 Word 3 OHT match up the objects
Favourites Word 3 What is your favourite...worksheet
Hobby worksheet Word 3 Match the picture to the word
Möchtest du  (mit mir)… + Infinitiv? Powerpoint 4 Practising grammatical structres
Mogen Powerpoint 3 The verb Mogen and reasons why you like to do something
What did you do last weekend? Word 3 OHTs to talk about what you did last weekend
Reasons + weil Powerpoint 3 Practising giving reasons using weil
Reasons Word 3 Using Warum
Shops Word 4 Wordsearch, paraphrasing and more all on types of shops
Worksheet on Hobbies Word 3 Worksheet on hobbies
The verb Spielen Word 3 Verb Paradigm and exercises
Play Powerpoint 3 Using the verb Spielen with instruments and sport
Verb practise Powerpoint 3 Recap verbs with activities
Clothes Word 4 What will you wear on you date?
Comprehension Word 4 Gap fill verb text on someone's date
Comprehension Answers Word 4 Answers to above text
Where shall we meet Word 4 OHT with language on where to meet plus prepositions
Hobby Wordsearch Word 3 Find the german words in the grid
Hobby Worksheet Word 3 Write the words with the pictures
Free time Writing Word 4 Exam style writing question
Freetime Recap Powerpoint 4 Recap of freetime activities for KS4
Coloured Reading Word 4 What did you do last holidays text
CR Gap fill Word 4 Above text with gaps for pupil use

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