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Introduce language including drinks and food, includes a song

Adjectives to describe food Word 3 Match the adjectives and then unjumble the sentences
Adjectives OHT Word 3 Match the adjectives and then answer the questions OHT version
International Breakfasts Word 4 Short texts with gaps on different types of breakfasts from around the word plus vocabulary search exercise
Internationl Breakfasts TEACHER COPY Word 4 Completed texts for above sheet
German Menu Word 3 Simple menu in German
Are you healthy or unhealthy? Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint introducing the structure In Order to...
Opinions Word 3/4 How to give opinions on foods
What do you like to eat? Powerpoint 3 Introducing language and conjugating essen
Food Grid Word 3 Grid with different food items
Find someone who... Word 3 Grid with questions to do a find someone who activity
Restaurant Complaint Powerpoint 4 How to make a complaint in a restaurant
Lunch OHT Word 3 OHT to introduce language
Ordering lunch Word 3 Vocabulary list for pupils
Lunch dialogue Word 3 Lunch dialogue between waiter and customer
Lunch listening Word 3 Text to be used for the listening worksheet
Lunch ListeningWorksheet Word 3 Dialogue as a gapfill
Lunch N&C Word 3 Grid to play noughts and crosses
Lunch Menu Word 3 Reading comprehension
Lunch Round Robin Word 3 Dialogue to support a round robin activity
In the Canteen Word 3 Text on food in the canteen
Is my partner healthy? Word 4 Find the mistakes text
Definitions Word 3 Food definitions
What do you have for breakfast? Word 4 Worksheet with definitions, and verb practice
Healthy Eeating Powerpoint 3 Using time phrases
Letter of Complaint Word 4 Letter of complaint
Writing task Word 3/4 Write an article entitle You are what you eat.
Running dictation Word 4 Text to be used as a running dictation

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