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Alphabet Cracking


3 Crack the spelling codes to guess the words
Numbers & Dates Word 3 Worksheet
Numbers Grid Word 3 Numbers to 100 on a sheet with the word
Dominoes Word 3 Cards with word and digit to use as domino cards
Numbers Powerpoint 3 Numbers 20-5000 plus pairwork slides
Maths Word 3 Worksheet involving a bit of maths
Introduction to numbers Powerpoint 3 Introduction to numbers 1-10
Numbers wordfit word 3 Fit the numbers into the spaces
Alphabet Word 3 Alphabet pronunciation and spelling of basic greetings plus a short OHT game with greetings
Das Alphabet Powerpoint 3 Introduce the alphabet with mimes, using visual support. Includes slides for pairwork and telling your partner to do it faster/slower etc

Eine komplizierte Konversation

Word 3 A conversation with a hard of hearing stranger. Uses basic greeting language. Includes a 'how do you XYZ in German' secction
Colours Powerpoint 3 To talk about the colour of things
Colours Word 3 OHT and pupil version to colour in
Song about colours Word 3 Gap fill song (not sure of the tune, sorry!)
Age Powerpoint 3 Famous people say who they are and how old
Months Defintions Word 3 Guess the months via its paraphrase
Months Word 3 OHT to introduce months
Months Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint to introduce months
Days Powerpoint 3 Days of the week powerpoint
Birthday Ppt Powerpoint 3 When is your birthday
Birthday Word 3 Birthday worksheet
Birthdays 1 Birthdays 2 Word 3 OHTs to match up. B1 with B2
Wordsearch Word 3 Birthdays and dates wordsearch
Wordsearch 2 Word 3 Another birthdays wordsearch
Time battleships Word 3 Grids to play battleships
Times Word 3 Worksheet and reading comprehension
What time is it Gapfill Word 3 Complete the sentence telling the time
What time is it OHT clock Word 3 OHT clock
What time is it OHT Word 3 How to tell the time
Blank Clocks Word 3 Complete the clock face and write the time
Greetings Powerpoint 3 How are you language
Hello How are you Powerpoint 3 Conversation that is reduced slide by slide
How are you? Word 3 OHT with lots of language
Ich habe ein problem Powerpoint 3 To help pupils communicate in TL
What are we going to do today Word 3 OHT to discuss what the class will do and what the class has done
How was your partner Word 3 OHT to grade your partner
Future Tense Powerpoint 4 How the future tense is formed in German
Letter & Comprehension Word 4 A letter to read and questions to be answered on the letter

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