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Vocabulary List Word 4 Vocabulary list for work and education

Back to Back Dictation

Word 4 Back to Back Dictation on the Euro
Gap Fill Money Word 4 Gap fill about money
Pocket Money Word 3 OHT to talkabout whether Ps get pocket money
Pocket Money & Jobs OHT Word 3 OHT with conversation regarding pocket money and parttime jobs
Pocket Money Reasons Word 3 What do you spend your money on? Outline worksheet for pupils to focus their vocabulary on specific reasons. Ps need to find the German.
Is your pocket money enough? Word 4 OHT saying whethere pocket money is enough or not.
Is your pocket money enough?WS Word 4 Worksheet to complete writing.
Euro vs Old currency Word 4 Map with boxes for Ps to complete with old currency (and Euro) information
Jobs Word 4 List of Jobs
Job Definitions Word 4 Based on Call My Bluff, job definitions
Jobs Writing Word 4 What do you want to be in the future? Writing outline
Job Application PowerPoint 4 Applying for a job in a hotel, example GCSE answer
Jobs Gap Fill Word 4 Sentences and two short texts on Jobs to be completed with the vocabulary given
How to Write a Letter Word 4/5 How to write a letter in German: Instructions on English
Work Experience Word 4 Work experience text
Spot the Mistakes Word 4 Spot the mistakes in the job text
Job Guess Word 4 Guess the job from the description
Dream Job Word 4 Worksheet to help write about your dream job
Work and Pocket Money Questions Word 3/4 To recap all work
Funny Work Experience Word 4 Write a text on a funny worksheet using the given words
Work Experience PowerPoint 4 Powerpoint on work experience

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