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Adjectives Word 3 How to form adjectives in German, with reference to towns
Gap Fill at the Bank Word 3 Fill in the gaps with the words given
Describe Cologne Powerpoint 3 Slides with a description of Cologne and find the german for sections
Word Order Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint explaining word order with because giving opinions on town
Word Order 2 Word 3 Explanation worksheet
Seasons & Word Order Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint to talk about the weather and seasons including a focus on word order
Directions & Town Word 4 How to get to a town & descriptions
City gap fill Word 4 Gap fill text
City OHT Word 3 Talking about your city, including directions
Directions Powerpoint 3 Asking & Giving directions
Trier Word 4 Text on the city of Trier
City Listening Word 4 Listening grid & Transcript
Where do you live writing Word 3 Letter writing task
Weather core vocab Word 3 Vocabulary list
Weather OHT Word 3 Weather OHT with language
Weather & Activities Word 4 When it is raining I....match up the sentences
Weather questions Word 3/4 Questions on the weather and translation text
Weather & Activities 2 Word 4 What do you do when....worksheet
Weather & Map Word 4 Fill in the map with the weather in different countries
Weather text Word 4 Text with weather details for various places useful for a running dictation
Intro Weather Powerpoint 3 Introduction of weather language
Weather recap Powerpoint 3 Recap weather language and discuss the weather in different places

Vocabulary test

Word 3 English or German given - Stadt
Typical City PowerPoint 3 Vocabulary on powerpoint
What's in a typical city Word 3 OHT with vocabulary
What's in a typical city2 Word 3 OHT with vocabulary 2

What's in a typical city3

Word 3 Worksheet with pictures, vocabulary at the bottom, class decides on gender
Hedwig Word 3 Hedwig introduces her town with a poster
Places Paraphrase Word 3 Figure out the place from the paraphrase
My town Word 3 Complete the sentences from the gaps and the pictures
What to do in...? Word 3 OHT with pictures of places to go in a town
Prepositions Word 3 Making sentences with prepositions
Preposition Practice Powerpoint 3 Translation of sentences using prepositions
Preposition Song Word 3 To the tune of Jingle Bells
Prepositions Puzzle Word 3 Read the text and write in where the different shops are
Town Booklet Word 3 14 PAGES!!! Wordsearches, dialogues etc all on shops
Places of interest Word 4 OHt with vocabulary and gap fill
Name the Shop Word 3 Worksheet - match words to pictures
Describing Word 3 Describing the shops in a town
Crossword Word 4 Fill in the grid from the clues
YR 10 Shops Word 4 Paraphrases and code cracking
Adjectives Word 3 Adjectives to describe town and shops

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