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End of Unit test: Jobs Word 4 Tests more basic language and involves more complicated language towards the end
True or False Jobs Word 3/4 T/F Questions on what jobs involve
Gap Fill Word 3/4 Sentences with spaces for pupils to give the answers
Famous Job Word 4 OHTs to structure a guess the famous person's job.
Future Tense Jobs Word 4 OHT, people speaking about what they want to do in the future
Guess the Job Word 4 Put the verb in the correct tense and guess the job
Qualities Powerpoint 4/5 Powerpoint to work on language to describe the characteristics that one could need for a job
Jobs Powerpoint 4 Quick recap of jobs
Reasons why to like a job Powerpoint 4 Talk about mum or dad's job and why they like it
Reasons OHT Word 3/4 OHT with some language and pictures: I would like to be XX because...
Jobs OHT Word 3 OHT with pictures and vocabulary at the bottom of the page
Jobs Gap Fill Word 3 Write the name of the jobs by filling in the gaps and then describe where they work
Parents' Job Word 3/4 Answer the question using the words given
M & F Jobs Word 3 List of jobs, colour coded for masculine and feminine jobs
M& F Jobs WS Word 3 Pupil version (and T version) of M&F Jobs
Guess the job 2 Word 3 Guess the job and then group the useful vocabulary
Where someone can work Powerpoint 3/4 Introduce language to talk about where someone works
The Future Word 3/4 OHT to introduce language of what one can do in the future
Jobs WS Word 3/4 Worksheet with gap fill
Guess the job 3 Word 3/4 Guess the job from the description, includes clothes and personality
Quel Job Powerpoint 3 Jobs powerpoint, simple language
Je Voudrais devenir Word 3/4 Text and task
Je Voudrais devenir Word 3/4 Teacher version including coloured reading
Chosing a job Powerpoint 3/4 Powerpoint to help pupils focus on personal priorities to chose a job
Les Metiers Word 3/4 Building blocks to create good sentences
For & Against Word 3/4 Advantages and Disadvantages of having a job
Pros & Cons of Jobs Powerpoint 4 Powerpoint with language
Work Experience Word 4 OHT How to talk about work experience and verb practice
Work Experience 2 Powerpoint 4 Simple Work Experience questions
Work Experience Task Word 4/5 While Ps are on Work Experience they can write a diary
Work Exp Vocab Word 4/5 Work experience vocabulary list
Translation of Letter Word 4/5 Translate a letter to apply for a job
Work Experience Word 4/5 CV and pro's and con's of having a job

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