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Ou habites tu Word 3 OHT to say where people live, focuses on habiter
Ou habites tu Word 3 OHT to say where people live, focuses on buildings
Ou habites tu Word 3 OHT to say where people live, focuses on area
Ou habites tu Powerpoint 3 Introduces language such as I live in the north of England etc
Ou habites tu Word 4 Cards with pictures for pupils to describe where they live
Ou habites tu? Word 3 OHT to introduce where you are from.
Unjumble the sentences Word 3 Using basic descriptions of where you live
At the Airport Word 4 List of useful airport vocabulary
Gap Fill Avignon Word 4 A gap fill text on the town of Avignon
Blackpool dans 100ans Word 4 Text with verbs that need to be changed into the future
C'est quel type de ville Powerpoint 3/4 How to describe a town, introduction of language
Chateaubriant Powerpoint 3/4 A description of Chateaubriant
Chester Word 4 A description of Chester
Clarkville Word 3/4 Overview of language needed to describe a town
En Ville Description Word 4 Group work extension activity on how to describe a town to it's fullest
Chartres Powerpoint 3/4 Basic powerpoint on how to introduce a town.  Used as an example to a class of how to do their own.
Chartres: Explanation Word 3/4 A handout on how to make a presentation in in this topic
Habiter Word 3/4 Worksheet focusing on the uses of  habiter
Ma ville Word 3/4 Text that can be used anyway you want.  It is a description of a few places, maybe use it for a listening?
Chez moi Listening Word 3 Fantastic resource for a listening, includes transcript and levelling
Quick Geography Lesson Word 3 True and False questions on UK geography
Directions Powerpoint 3 Introduction to basic directions
Directions Word 3/4 Good OHT/Worksheet with pictures and language
Directions Vocab Word 3 Vocabulary sheet with useful direction language including commands
Directions Vocab in school Word 3 Vocabulary sheet with useful direction language to direct someone around school
Ma Region Vocab Word 3 Useful vocabulary for describing town
Ma Ville gap fill Word 3 Basic description of your town gap fill with words on the bottom of the sheet
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta ville Powerpoint 3 Introduction of language of the shops in a town
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta ville Word 3 Worksheet to go with powerpoint
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta ville OHT Word 3 Excellent OHT to introduce new language
Qu'est-ce qu'il ya dans ta ville practice Word 3 Great OHT with practice activity
Ou est la gare map Word 3 OHT with map and places on it for directions practice
Ma Ville Word 4 Useful sentences that need to be put in the right order
Ma Ville Mistakes Word 3/4 Spot the mistakes texts, includes pupil version and teacher versions
Preposition  OHT Word 3 Ou est Frogette? (Frogette is a French frog that lives in a French classroom). Introduces prepositions
Preposition worksheet Word 3 To be used with the OHT for pupil practice
At the Tourist Office Word 4 Useful language for use at the tourist office
Oral exam presentation Word 4 Description of town that could be used as an exemplar presentation
What are we going to do: Town Word 4 Objectives for the topic Town, year 10, with verbs missing
Translation of a description of a town Word 4 Translation of language and sentences describing a town
Town Description Word 4 Overview of language for a description of a town
Activities in town Powerpoint 4 Focuses on the past tense j'ai joué etc
Activities in town vocabulary grid Word 4 Grouping of all vocabulary needed to talk about what you did in town
Battleships Publisher 4 Battleships grids using activities in a town and various tenses

What will you do in town next weekend

Powerpoint 4 Activities in a town expressed in the future simple tense
End of Unit test Word 4 Tests language taught
Au cafe Powerpoint 3 Ordering drinks at a cafe
Au cafe, ice cream Word 3 Dialogue to order an ice cream in a cafe
Au cafe Word 3 Unjumble the sentences to order things in a cafe
Au cafe Word 3 Christina and Justin have a conversation in a cafe, fill in the gaps!
Au grand magasin Word 3/4 What is on each floor of the department store?
C'est combien? Powerpoint 3 Ordering drinks and paying for them
Ca se trouve ou? Word 3/4 Put the vocabulary in the circle for in town or in the countryside or in the middle for both.
Shops extended Word 3 Short exercise on extending sentences
pictures in town Word 3 a grid with pictures of place in town, can be used as an OHT to introduce language or as cue cards
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta ville Word 3 Guess the list of things in a town
En Ville Listening Word 3/4 Text to use as you wish
Ici on peut Word 3/4 Worksheet to reinforce the use of on peut  and activities to be done in town
Drinks Word 3 Drinks worksheet
Drinks Word 3 Wordsearch with drinks vocabulary
Icecreams Powerpoint 3 Introduce icecream flavours
Icecreams WS Word 3 Worksheet to go with the icecreams worksheet
Where do you like to go? Word 3 Introduction of town language by saying j'aime aller...
Qu'est-ce qu-il y a... Word 3 What is there to do in...? OHT with language of places
Places in town Powerpoint 4 More vocabulary of things in town
Role play conversation Word 3 2 celebrities having a conversation about buying things
Role play 2 Word 3/4 another conversation with a bit more vocabulary
Role play 3 Word 3/4 another conversation with even more vocabulary
Vous desirez? Word 3 OHT to introduce language
Vous desirez? ws Word 3 worksheet to go with OHT
Vocab grid Word 3 To help revise language in a shop
Vous desirez? Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint to introduce language
Vous desirez 2 Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint to introduce language with a celebrity dinner party at the end

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