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School subjects Powerpoint 3 Introduces school subjects and practises them using great animation
Subject & Opinion Word 3 Year 7 school subject plus opinion worksheet using pictures
Opinions Word 3/4 Opinion work on school subjects
Que fais tu au college? Word 3 CQ + school subjects
Qu'est-ce que tu etudies Powerpoint 3/4 introduction to school subjects
School Subjects Word 3 OHT to introduce language
What are we going to do today+ school subjects Powerpoint 3/4 Comment est-ce que tu trouves...?
School Subjects list Word 3 School subjects vocabulary list
What did you study yesterday Powerpoint 3/4 Subjects and CQ Qu'est-ce que tu as etudie hier
Crack the Code Word 3 Crack the wingding codes to guess the school subjects
Qu'est-ce que tu fais au college Word 3 OHT and useful vocabulary with opinions
Qu'est-ce que tu fais au college Pupil Version Word 3 As above but for pupils
Les matieres Word 3/4 List of school subjects (Year 9?)
Subjects and Opinions Powerpoint 3/4 Extension work looking at opinions including pairwork
Opinions Word 3 List of adjectives useful to describe a subject or teacher can be used as a match up game
Opinions worksheet Word 3 Worksheet to practise adjectives
Gap fill opinions on school Word 3 Good for Year 7
C'est quelle matiere? Word 3/4 Guess the school subject from the description

Les Salles au College



OHT of classrooms

Les Salles au College WS Word 3 Worksheet with riddles to guess classrooms
C'est quelle Salle? Word 3/4 Which classroom is being described worksheet
C'est quelle salle? Word 3 Location of classrooms using prepositions
C'est quelle salle? Powerpoint 3 Quick recap of prepositions, guess the room
Les Directions Word 3 Coloured reading with directions to classrooms
Description of School Word 3 Gap fill description with words in box
Description of School Powerpoint 3/4 Powerpoint with multiple choice answers on school info
Description of School Word 3/4 OHT text with words to be blanked out and guessed by pupils
Description of School Powerpoint 3/4 Looking at extending sentences and making questions on the topic of school.
Decris ton college Powerpoint 3/4 Say what there is at your school introduction of language
Teachers OHT Word 3 Excellent OHTs to learn how to describe a teacher
Le bulletin scolaire Word 3/4 Match up school report language
School Report template Word 3/4 Gerard Depardieu's school report and a template to make own
For or Against Uniform Word 4 List of language to be categorised
Les Regles au college Word 4 Emphasis on on doit and il faut plus opinions on rules
Les Regles Word 4 Complete the end of the sentence worksheet
Les Regles Word 4 Gap fill includes opinions
Subjects Interview Word 3 Grid for use with Qu'est-ce que tu aimes au college? Pourquoi?
Materiel Scolaire Word 3 OHT/Worksheet.  What equipment is needed for each subject?
Materiel Scolaire Word 3 Pencil case language, concentrating on un/une/des with an extra exercise with mon/ma/mes
La Vie Powerpoint 3/4 Qu'est ce que tu veux faires dans la vie (some great Boardworks stuff can go with this powerpoint)

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