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 House & Rooms
Ou habites tu Powerpoint 3 Describe where you live, focus on habiter and infinitives
Where I live song Word 3 Song to the tune of She'll be coming round the mountain using descriptions of where one lives
What type of house WS Word 3 Worksheet on what type of house one can live in
What type of house Word 3 OHT to introduce language of the type of house one can live in
What type of house PPT Powerpoint 3 Powerpoint to introduce language of the type of house one can live in
Types of houses PPT Powerpoint 3 Simpler language of types of houses
Types of houses PPT 2 PowerPoint 3 Introduction of types of houses
My house Word 3 OHT to introduce rooms in a house
My house 2 Word 3 OHT to recap rooms in a house
Rooms in the house Song Word 3 To the tune of match of the day
La Maison Word 3 OHT to introduce language such as 1st floor, 2nd floor etc
Chez Moi PowerPoint 3 Same text as below, but in Powerpoint
Chez moi Word 3 OHT to play encore une fois with language for the house
Chez moi Word 3 OHT gap fill with language for the house
Ma Maison Ideale Word 3/4 Ideal house gap fill task
Ou est Leo Powerpoint 3 Leo is my lion who joins in our classes. This powerpoint uses prepositions to describe where Leo is
Ou est Leo Word 3 Worksheet to be used with the powerpoint
Furniture & Prepositions Powerpoint 3 More work on prepositions
Bedroom Description Word 3 Writing grid to help pupils describe their room
A la maison Vocabulary Word 4 Key Stage 4 vocabulary list for the home
My House Word 3 Worksheet to consolidate all language on the house
Rooms Recap Powerpoint 3 The first slide has a room appearing bit by bit, followed by a description of my room that can be used as you wish
Bedroom Word 3 OHT to introduce Dans ma chambre il y a...
Furniture Cards Word 3 Pictures of different items of furniture that I have used to play games with
Harry Potter description of room Word 3/4 Harry Potter's description of his bedroom gap fill, includes preposition language
Furniture OHT Word 3 All the pictures you need for furniture including language
Furniture OHT 2 Word 3 Furniture pictures again, but only with numbers
Furniture Worksheet Word 3 Pictures and vocabulary to matched up on a worksheet
Chez moi introduce rooms Powerpoint 3 Bart Simpson's house with extra language such as opinions and adjectives and a song to the tune of if you're happy and you know it
Ma Chambre Bizarre Word 3 Back to Back reading task on a bizarre bedroom
Ma Chambre Grid Word 3 Vocabulary list for everything needed to talk about your room, includes exercises
Describe your room Powerpoint 3 Useful language in a powerpoint to support a description of a room
Rooms Powerpoint 3 Introduction of rooms in the house
Ma Chambre T/F Powerpoint 3 Pupils look at a room and memorise everything in it, and then answer true or false questions on it
Ma Maison Ideale Powerpoint 3 How to describe your ideal house powerpoint
Prepositions & Room Word 3 Prepositions to describe objects in the bedroom plus an exercise
Describe your room gap fill Powerpoint 3 Short powerpoint with a description gap fill
Description of Room Word 3 Text on a description of a room that can be adapted for many uses
Harry Potter's Day Word 3 Harry describes his daily routine, but the pupils have to guess who it is.
Chez Moi Listening Word 3 Listening with transcript and levels and pupil worksheet. If you would like to use a sound file that I have made then click here to access it.
Daily Routine
Ma Routine Word 3/4 Text and task on routine during a school day
Ma Routine Verbs OHT Word 3 OHT to introduce daily routine reflexive verbs
Ma Routine Verbs Past Word 3 OHT to introduce daily routine reflexive verbs in the past
Daily Routine Word 3 David & Victoria's day and questions
Routine Verbs Recap Powerpoint 3 Quick recap of daily routine verbs
Routine Text Word 3 3 layers of OHTs to read about a daily routine, peel of a layer one by one to encourage pupils to remember the language with only pictures
Daily Routine ER Verbs Powerpoint 3 Introducing a daily routine with powerpoint
Daily Routine Questions Word 3 Gap fill questions and answers, can be used to interview one another
Daily Routine Song Word 3 Layered OHT with a daily routine song to the tune of La Cucaracha
Daily Routine Verbs Word 3/4 Match up present tense daily routine verbs to their past tense plus a translation exercise
Daily Routine Powerpoint 3 Present tense daily routine reflexive verbs
Daily routine verb Word 4 Description of school routine with missing verbs that need to be conjugated in the present tense
Daily Routine verb 2 Word 4 Description on past tense of daily routine
Une Journee Typique Word 4 Presentation on une journee typique
What do you do before school? Word 3/4 Verbs and PP interview task
Round Robin Daily Routine Word 3

Instructions for groups to make the longest round robin list of verbs

Round Robin Daily Routine 2 Word 3 Instructions for groups to make the longest round robin list of verbs but aimed a slightly higher level
Ma Routine Word 3 OHT to introduce NON reflexive daily routine verbs
Describe the life of a famous person Word 3 Mystery description of Victoria/David B's life for pupils to model their own on
Letter Word 3 Letter to a pen friend including daily routine
Short Letter Word 3 Letter on daily routine with exercises
What do you do in the evening after school Word 3 Worksheet to consolidate vocabulary
Who does what at home Word 3/4 Text with verbs highlighted on who does what chore at home
Aider a la maison Powerpoint 4 Vocabulary to introduce what you do to help in the home
Aider a la maison vocabulary Publisher 4 Grouped vocabulary for helping at home
Aider a la maison worksheet Word 3 Home chores worksheet
Chores Puzzle Word 3 Wingdings puzzle on household chores worksheet
Chores Puzzle 2 Word 3 Another puzzle for household chores
Writing Chores Word 3 Writing activity using pictures
Chores Battleships Word 3 Chores battleships with chores along the top and people down the side

Chores vocab grid

Word 3/4 Vocabulary grid including chores and receiving pocket money
Chores Worksheet Word 3 Reading exercise on people talking about the chores they do
Et-tu un bon fils Word 3 Useful sheet for pupils to say whether they are a good son or daughter
Chores translation Word 3 Worksheet with translations on household chores
Chores verb tables Word 3 Verb tables to be filled in for household chores
Chores Reading Word 3/4 Good text on household chores
Chores Pictures Word 4 Pictures for Chores
Chores + Opinions Word 4 Chores with opinions and extra linking words

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