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Countries Powerpoint 3 Introduces countries and practises saying where you went on holiday
Ou est tu passe les vacances? Word 3 OHT with countries
Guess the country Word 3 Descriptions of countries

Ou est tu alle

Powerpoint 3

Where did you go on holiday recaping countries

Countries Worksheet Word 3 Worksheet for pupils to match up country names
Countries Code Breaker Word 3 Worksheet for countries with a code breaker activity
C'etait comment Word 3 Opinions OHT
Pendant les vacances Word 3/4 Tense change task
Les Vacances Word 3 Three short postcards and comprehension questions
Les Vacances Word 3 Unjumble the sentences * countries and travel
Les Vacances de Nicolas Word 3 Letter from Nicolas with questions in English
Les Vacances 2 Word 3/4 Text and questions, focusing on past tense
Mes Vacances Word 4 Gap fill text and questions *higher level
Les Vacances de ma Vie Word 4 Gap fill on holidays of a lifetime and questions
Opinions on holidays Word 3/4 Opinions on various aspects of a holiday OHT
Vacances Encore Une Fois Word 3/4 Encore Une Fois game OHT
Make a Text Word 3/4 With only a few words given pupils must make their own text
Revision Powerpoint 3/4 Holiday recap tasks
Translation task Word 3/4 Translation task
Pour aller Word 3/4 Task on Pour aller a.... il faut


Comment as-tu voyage Word 3 OHT to introduce modes of transport
Comment y vas tu Word 3 OHT on transport
Transport Guess Word 3 OHT to play 'guess the mode of transport im thinking of' using adjectives
Comment as tu voyage Game Word 3 Dice game with grids
Transport Essay Outline Word 4 Outline of a for and against essay on the merits of public transport
Transport Essay Complete Word 4 Answers for the outline of the transport essay


J'ai loge Word 3/4 Flashcards for accommodation and worksheet
Al hotel Word 4 Worksheet to practise hotel language
Al hotel conversation Powerpoint 4 Dialogue at a hotel that, slide by slide, loses French and adds English for pupils to translate/remember
Letter to book room Word 3/4 Simple letter to book a room, parts of it are pictures
Complaints Word 4 OHT of things to complain about in a hotel
letter to a hotel Word 4 Can be used as a gap fill etc...
Dialogue a l'hotel Word 3/4 Put the dialogue in the right order
Dans ma valise Word 4 List of things in a suitcase and things that you have bought on holiday
Dans ma valise 2 Word 4 Worksheet on suitcase objects and things bought on holiday
Qu'est ce que tu as achete Word 4 Vocabulary on what was bought on holiday
Holiday text Word 4 Text on what will be done on holiday, what to take with etc


Perfect tense activities Word 3/4 OHT of language of what you did on holiday
Perfect tense recap Word 3/4 OHT of grid with spaces to recap past tense activities
La semaine derniere Word 3/4 Vocabulary grid for


Noel en France Word 4 Text and questions on Xmas in France
Xmas vocabulary Word 3/4 Xmas vocabulary OHT
Noel Discussion Word 4/5 OHT to help a discussion on Xmas

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