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Accidents & Body

  Healthy Living


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Accidents & Body
Parts of the body Word 3/4 Parts of the body vocabulary and comprehension. The second page groups the vocabulary to areas so that you can easily put a picture of a body on a second transparency and label.
Illness Roleplay Cards Word 4 Cue Cards or Roleplay Cards for at the doctors
Illness Worksheet Word 3/4 Translate some sentences, and write correctly au, a la or aux
Illness song Word 3/4 To the tune of the animals go in two by two

A La Pharmacie

Word 4 Gap fill pharmacy conversation
Au Secours Word 4 Gap fill conversation and original too
Qu'est-ce que tu as? Word 3/4 OHT pictures and colour coded vocabulary
Qu'est-ce que tu as WS Word 3/4 Worksheet to go with illnesses language
Codebreaker Illness Word 3/4 Codebreaker for illnesses
Agony Aunt Health Word 4 Reading comprehension, letters to Tante Maribelle with questions
Les Maladies Wordsearch Word 3/4 Translate the language down the side of the page and find the words in the grid
A La Pharmacie Grid Word 4 Grid with language for a conversation at a pharmacy
At the Doctors Word 3/4 Conversation with pictures for chez le medecin
Chez le docteur PowerPoint 4 Scenario at the doctors designed for roleplay practice.
Accidents Grammar Word 4 Rewrite the sentences with the correctly conjugated verb and using en + past participle
Accident Vocabulary Word 4 Vocabulary list in French
A Little Accident Word 3/4 Write the verb correctly then match up the sentence halves
A Little Accident 2 Word 3/4 An extended version of the above
Monsieur Malchance Word 4/5 The Story of Mr Malchance
Monsier Malchance 2 Word 4/5 Text with more tasks on the story of Mr Malchance
Illness T/F Word 3/4 Using pictures say whether they are true or false
Accidents Word 4 Two page worksheet on accidents
The Deaf Doctor Word 4 A conversation with a deaf doctor and activities
Terrible Weekend Word 4 Text focusing on the future tense and accidents, including questions
Accident Translation Word 4 I was witness to an accident translation with handy tips
OHT describing accident Word 4 Focusing on the language en + pp with pictures
Reporting an accident Word 4 Half completed vocabulary list for reporting an accident

Healthy Living

Healthy Eating Powerpoint 3/4 Language to speak about how one eats healthily
Find Someone who Word 3/4 Find someone who...eats healthily, is allergic to dairy etc
Healthy or Not? Word 3/4 Decide whether things are healthy or not
Healthy or Not? Gap Fill Word 3/4 Fill in the missing words using the descriptions given on whether something is healthy or not, with reasons.
Healthy Eating Word 4 Grid of language for pupils to talk about what they eat and whether it is healthy
Healthy Eating Comprehension Word 4 Read the short sentences and decide who says them
Keep Fit Word 4 OHT to introduce language of what one should do to keep fit. Includes pictures and language
Gap Fill Risks Word 4 Four short texts on various dangerous things in our lives, with gaps. Gap fill words included and a comment dit-on en francais exercise.
La Drogue Word 4/5 Gap fill verb text with exercises and anagrams
Smoking Essay Word 4/5 Instructions for writing an essay on le tabagisme
Smoking Vocabulary Word 4/5 List of vocabulary in French & English for Smoking
Healthy Eating Powerpoint 3/4 Lots of language to talk about healthy eating, includes PP work
Healthy Eating & Drinking Word 3/4 Questions on whether certain foods and drinks are healthy or not
Types of Food Word 3/4 Cut up the descriptions and examples and stick in the right order
On est qu'on mange Word 4/5 Text with gap fill words and tasks
Body Word 3/4 Picture and labels
Keep Fit OHT Word 4 OHT to introduce language including pictures
Pour ou Contre le Tabac Powerpoint 3/4 Categorises opinions and some synonym work
Sports & Health Writing Word 4 Practise on writing about healthy lifestyle
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a Song Word 3/4 To the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It
Pour Eviter le Stress Powerpoint 3/4 Introduction of language to introduce what to do to avoid stress
Healthy Eating OHT Word 4 Vocabulary in sentences

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