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What do you have for breakfast Word 3 Worksheet with pictures for pupils to create their own sentences
Au Cafe Word 3 Word Jumble on cafe vocabulary and questions
Au Restaurant Powerpoint 3/4 Restaurant dialogue, spot the mistake, create own dialogue with certain criteria
Bien Manger Word 4 Text on eating well
En France on mange bien Word 4 Text and questions on French eating habits
Booking a Table Word 3 Match start and ends of sentences for reserving a table in the restaurant and use the snippets of information to practise dialogues
Book Table Gapfill Word 3 At the restaurant gap fill with words at the bottom
Jumbled Restaurant Conversation Word 3 Put the cards in the correct order to make a restaurant dialogue
Food & Drinks Pictures Word 3 More pictures for you to use
Food Cards Word 3 Lots of pictures of foods and drinks
Carte du Jour Word 3 Menu made up of pictures
Odd one out Food Word 3 Find the odd one out in the rows of food items
Kitchen Nightmares Powerpoint 3/4 A Gordon special: problems at the restaurant
Coloured Reading Word 3/4 Positive and Negative coloured readings on eating well.
Guess the food Word 3/4 Paraphrases to guess the food items
Je deteste Word 3/4 Reasons not to like food
Qu'est ce que tu manges Word 3 Lunch language OHT/handout
Au Restaurant Word 3 Encore une fois game OHT

Êtes-vous gourmand aventureux?

Word 4 Different people talking about what they think about food and T/F questions
Faim/Soif Word 3 OHT to introduce the idea of being hungry and thirsty
Family Fortunes Powerpoint 3/4 Guess the top 5 things for breakfast. lunch and dinner. Click on the box you want for it to disappear.
Family Fortunes Past Powerpoint 3/4 Guess the top 5 things had for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Au Restaurant RolePlay Powerpoint 4 One slide to be used as a worksheet to develop a restaurant scenario roleplay
Food Adjectives Word 4 List of food adjectives, match up French & English
Food Language Word 3 Food in grids, with colour coded word, divided into categories
Food Crossword Word 3 Food crossword
Tu aimes manger Word 3 Likes and dislikes of food including opinions
Problems Vocabulary Word 3 Il y a un probleme vocabulary list
Interview Questions Word 3 Useful questions to carry out a food interview

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