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Word 5 Wealth of resources for different aspects of the environment debate. Not suitable for GCSE!
Listening & Reading Env Word 4/5 Various short articles focusing on different aspects of language. Some listening exercises from Avantage.
Essay titles Word 5 Shortish texts on various aspects of pollution and the environment, could be used as essay titles...
Problems in your village Powerpoint 4 Introduction of language with CQ Quels sont les problemes de l'environment dans ta ville?
Text & Solutions Word 4/5 Short texts on each type of problem and a list of solutions  
Solutions Word 4 Short sentences on various problems
Model essay Word 5 Faut-il abandonner les voitures? Model essay
Debate Powerpoint 5 Slideshow to set up a debate on
Carpooling Word 5 Text on Carpooling aka le covoiturage
Town vs Country Word 4 Vocabulary useful for comparisons
Poem Word 4 La Vie Sans Eau Gap fill
Text Word 5 L'usage de la voiture en progression

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