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Routines & Displays

Absence reasons OHT Why Learn A Language Poster
Cómo fue OHT Jobs & Languages Poster
Classroom expectations ppt Jobs & Languages Poster 2
Expectations poster 1 Classroom language ppt
Expectations poster in English Core vocab display from MFL Sunderland
Expectations poster in Spanish Adverbs from MFL Sunderland
Expectations flp Slower visual
First lesson -spot mistakes ppt Faster visual
Forfeits ppt Louder visual
Homework completed? OHT Like-Dislike posters
Homework OHT Me puedes dar posters ppt
Lateness reasons OHT Pienso que poster
Lateness reasons song (La Vida Loca) Puedo ser poster
Register Routine with more opinions Punctuation in Spanish
Register Routine with song Months
Register Routine KS4 Seasons
Register Routine KS4 with song Question words
Tengo un problema ppt Opinions
Tengo un problema WS Spanish Speaking Countries
Team points posters