Spanish Resources - Daily Life





Resource Name Format Description KS
Donde Vives 1 PowerPoint Introduction of houses vocabulary and extra vocab to say where you live 3
Donde Vives 2 PowerPoint Introduction of language to talk about where you live and rooms in house 3
Donde Vives OHT/WS Word Introduction of language via OHT with worksheet 3
Donde Vives Cards Word Cards with pictures and vocab to cut out and play games with 3
Donde Vives Round Robin PowerPoint Slide to support Waystage activity of Round Robin 3
Donde Vives Wordsearch Word Wordsearch with houses vocab 3
Donde Vives Intro & Quien Soy PowerPoint Introduction of language plus who am I exercise 3
Quien Soy WS Word Who am I worksheet 3
Donde Vives WS Word Throrough worksheet looking at house vocab, sentences, verb vivir and rooms in house 3
Dibujas Bien Word Pictures & Vocab Worksheet to get a partner to draw house 3
House description Word Gap fill text 3
Rooms intro PowerPoint Introduction to roomsi n house and worksheet 3
Rooms Word Worksheet on rooms in house 3
Furniture PowerPoint Introduction of language 3
Furniture Word OHT to introduce language 3
Furniture WS Word Worksheet 3
Listos 1 - Song Word Song taken from Listos 1 called Mi Domitorio 3
Prepositions 1 PowerPoint Introduction of vocab plus worksheet 3
Prepositions 2 PowerPoint Recap of furniture, intro of prepositions plus WS and exercises 3
Prepositions 3 PowerPoint Recap of furniture, different intro of prerpositions and practice 3
Prepositions recap PowerPoint Recap of prepositions and furniture 3
Como es tu dormitorio Word Exercise to describe a room, using prepositions 3
Como es tu dormitorio CR PowerPoint Coloured reading text and exercise 3
Revista Video Resource Word An interview with Yimer about his house, worksheet based on Revista video 3
Maria Interview Word Interview with Maria about her house 3
Maria Interview WS Word T/F grid 3
Espanol Extra Listening Word Interview about someone's house - Worksheet 3
Adv & Disadv Word Text on the positives and negatives of living in certain places 3/4
como se dice test Word Test to check comprehension of house vocab 3
End of Unit Revision PowerPoint Revision on questions for house, home and daily routine 3
End of Unit Writing Word Writing instructions on house and home 3