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Resource Name Format Description KS
Intro topic of holidays PowerPoint Recap of last year and introduction into holidays and countries 3
Countries Code Breaker Word ¿Adónde vas de vacaciones? break the code to find the countries 3
Countries Quiz Word Puzzle on countries 3
Brainstorm Countries Word Worksheet to note down a list of countries 3
Introduction to holidays PowerPoint Introduction into the topic of holidays and where you go 3
Anagrams of countries Word Unjumble the anagrams 3
Dónde vas de vacaciones PowerPoint Introduction of countries 3
OHT Countries Word OHT of basic countries 3
Dónde vas de vacaciones puzzle Word Wordfit on basic countries 3
Paraphrase Word Paraphrase of countries to guess 3/4
Introduction of countries PowerPoint Introduction of countries and where you are from 3
Cars & breakdowns PowerPoint Car parts and breakdown vocab 4
Cars vocab PowerPoint Intro to car parts and service station vocab 4
Cómo vas y con quién Word Introduction to how you go on holiday and who with 3
Cómo viajas y porque Word Introduction to transport 3
Reading Word Basic reading on who you travel with and how 3
Cómo viajaste y porque Word Same as above but in preterite tense, plus reasons grid 3/4
Cómo y cuándo vas Word Vocabulary worksheet to be completed how you go on holiday, when and who with 3
Comparatives intro PowerPoint Introduction to structure of comparisons 3
Comparisons&Explanation Word Focus on comparison structures and transport 3
Comparisons basic Word Translate sentences focussing on comparisons of types of transport 3
Intro of activities vocab Word OHT of activities vocabulary in present tense 3
Qué hiciste Dice Game Word Dice game for where you went, with who and what you did 3
Intro of activites vocab 2 Word OHT of activities vocabulary with me gusta 3
Activities worksheet Word worksheet to go with me gusta worksheet 3
Reasons why do activities Word Reasons why you do an activity worksheet 4
In the tourist office Word Cut up conversation and reorder plus worksheet 3
Qué haces Reading Word Text and comprehension on holiday activities 4
Qué haces de vacaciones Word Write in different activities for different countries 3
Qué te gusta hacer PowerPoint Introduction of vocabulary and reasons 4
Grids Word Grids for talking about what activities you do dependent on the weather 3
Activities Word Texts on what a few spanish speakers like to do on holiday 3
Listening -present tense Word Grid for listening from Listos 2 Rojos pg 105 Teachers Book 3
Reading & Grading - present Word 3 texts with descriptions on present tense holiday activities that can be assessed by pupils and levelled 3
Reading & Grading -past Word 3 texts with descriptions on past tense holiday activities that can be assessed by pupils and levelled 4
Summer Holidays Word Coloured reading, match up and gap fill text 4
Recap Preterite tense PowerPoint Recap of preterite tense in the context of what you did on holiday 4
Reading - past tense Word Grid for reading from Listos 3 page 45 3
Contextualisation of Me quedo Word OHT to contextualise the topic of accommodation 3
Dónde te quedas OHT Word OHT of accommodation language 3
Dónde te quedas OHT numbers Word OHT of accommodation language with numbers only 3
Dónde te quedas OHT blank Word OHT of accommodation language with vocab at the bottom (to be cut out) 3
Dónde te quedas wordsearch Word basic vocabulary in a wordsearch 3
Dónde prefieres quedarte PowerPoint Introduction of accommodation language 3
Dónde prefieres quedarte Word Match up places and reasons 3
Dónde te quedas SONG Word Song to the tune of conga 3
Dónde te alojas PowerPoint Further work on accommodation language 3
Dónde te quedas Worksheet Word Vocabulary worksheet 3
Dónde te quedaste PowerPoint Past tense introduction to accommodation 3
Grids Word Grids for speaking activity of where you stay (battleships) 3
Es Está Hay Word Worksheet on descriptions and the difference between es, está and hay 3
Hotel vocab intro PowerPoint Introduction of hotel and reservation vocabulary 3
Hotel vocab intro 2 PowerPoint Extended version of above powerpoint 3
Hotel vocab 1 Word Worksheet on hotel and reservation vocabulary 3
Hotel vocab 2 Word Worksheet on hotel and reservation vocabulary 3
Quiero resevar PowerPoint recap of hotel vocab 3
Hotel questionnaire Word recap of hotel vocab through a questionnaire 3
Hotel Advert Word Hotel advert showing facilities 3
Hotel description writing frame Word Writing frame to describe a hotel 3
Hotel description Word Text and exercises on a hotel 4
Hotel description 2 Word Text and exercises on a hotel 4
Hotel Facilities Word Vocab hunt from Vaya Nuevo 2, págs. 58 y 59) 4
Hotel Reservation Chaotic Listening 1 Word Images to be handed out to students for chaotic listening 4
Hotel Reservation Chaotic Listening 2 Word Text to be read out/recorded for a chaotic listening on hotel reservations 4
Problems at Hotel Intro PowerPoint Introduction to problems in a hotel like Fawlty Towers 3
Problems at Hotel Intro2 PowerPoint Another version of introducing problems at a hotel (can be used as a recap) 3
Tengo un problema Word Worksheet to match up vocabulary 4
Problems at Hotel Reading Word Reading comprehension 4
Problems at Hotel Tenses Word Grid of problems in present and imperfect tense 4
La Canción de Quejas Word Song with complaints to the tune of Hokey Cokey 3
Letter of complaint Word Reorder the letter of complaint 3
He Perdido PowerPoint Introduction into lost property 3
He Perdido 2 PowerPoint Deeper introduction into lost property and descriptions of lost items 3
He Perdido FlipChart FlipChart Vocabulary to match up 3
Lost Property vocabulary Word Gap fill vocabulary list 3
He perdido vocab test Word Vocabulary test on lost property 3
Letter Word Letter to the manager of a hotel about a lost item 4
Letter PPT PowerPoint Powerpoint to back up the letter with exercises 4
Descriptions Word Further written descriptions of lost items 4
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire PowerPoint linked to letter above 4
Vocab test Word Vocabulary test on holidays 4
Holidays test Word Vocabulary test and written task 4
Holidays test Errors PowerPoint Common errors in above test 4
Gap fill letter Word Gap fill letter of a holiday 4
Letter - Reading Comprehension Word Reading comprehension and gap fill letter 3
Spot mistakes sentences PowerPoint Starter activity - spot the mistakes 3
Otra Vez Reading Word Otra vez reading text in the future tense 4
Comic Strip Word Comic strip telling the story of a holiday 4
Rooney´s holiday future Word Rooney´s holiday description in the immediate future 4
Intro to Future Tense Powerpoint Introduction to immediate future 3
Famous person´s holiday Word Guess who the text is about and vocabulary exercises 4
Holiday in Egypt Word Description and comphrension and vocabulary exercises 4
Barcelona Word Teacher´s holiday in Barcelona text and exercises 4
Holiday - present tense Word Text in the present tense on holidays 3
Holiday - past tense Word Gap fill tense exercise 4
Dream holidays description Word Instruction sheet for a dream holiday description 4
Text in three tenses Word Can be used as a running dictation 4
Account of Holiday Word Model text of an account of a holiday- coloured reading and text to be put in order 4
Disastrous holiday letter Word Disastrous holiday letter gap fill and complete version 4
Text on holidays Word Double spaced so can be translated 4
WILF Writing task PowerPoint What I am looking for criteria 4
Writing task Word Writing task on holidays with things to include 4
End Activity Word Description of an end activity for use at the end of the topic 3/4
For & Against Tourism Word Worksheet on tourism 4
Revision of Holidays Word Revision of questions and answers in holidays 4