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Resource Name Format Description KS
Intro into vocab Word Intro into environment vocabulary 3
Vocab list Word Vocabulary list 3
Vocabulary extra Word Further environment vocabulary 4
Advanced vocab Word For extension work 4
Environment WS Word Worksheet on environmental issues 4
Match up Word Match up English and Spanish 4
Build Sentences Word Cut out and create sentences on the environment 4
Build Sentences WS Word Write out sentences using grid 4
Build Sentences PPT PowerPoint Ppt with answers to worksheet exercises 4
Biggest problem PowerPoint Pupil prediction and survey on which is the most important problem and sentences exercise 4
Environment WS 2 Word Consolidation worksheet 4
Regions and Problems Word Worksheet from Vaya 2 TB page 123 (transcript given) 4
Problems & Solutions Word Worksheet on environmental issues and solutions 4
Reading Word Reading exercises 4
Group work set up Word Instructions for group task on environmental issues poster 4
Higher Writing example Word Higher level writing example 4
Higher Writing Task Word Higher level writing task on town and environment 4
C Roleplay Word Roleplay card based on the environment (Edexcel C) 4
Translation Word Translate text plus answer 4
Translation 2 Word Translate text plus useful vocabulary 4