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Daily Routine

Resource Name Format Description KS
Intro Reflexive Verbs PowerPoint Introduction of vocabulary plus quick flash drill 3
Intro Reflexive Verbs 2 PowerPoint Recap of vocabulary, plus worksheet and Kims Game drill 3
Intro Reflexive Verbs 3 PowerPoint Recap of vocabulary plus worksheet and time exercise 3
Reflexive Verbs Intro PowerPoint Listening cards and worksheet for vocab 3
Song DR Word Song to the tune of Happy & You Know It * 3
Song DR Gap Fill Word Song to the tune of H&YKI with gaps * 3
Song & Flashcards Word Song (don't know the tune!) for DR vocab plus Flashcards 3
Daily Routine Grid Word Grid with gaps to create DR sentences 3
Daily Routine Game Word OHT - unjumble sentences and then put in the correct order 3
Daily Routine Board Game Word Board game to practise vocabulary 3
Daily Routine WS Word Worksheet to pracise vocabulary 3
SEN sheet DR Word Worksheet for SEN students on DR 3
Rearrange Daily Routine Word Worksheet 3
Venus Williams Routine Word Worksheet 3
Venus Williams OHT Word OHT of text to go with worksheet 3
Arriba 2 DR Worksheet1 Word Daily Routine worksheet in English based on page 72 of Arriba 2 3
Arriba 2 Answers PowerPoint Arriba 2 Antonio Duran text answers 3
Arriba 2 DR Worksheet2 Word Daily Routine worksheet in Spanish based on page 72 of Arriba 2 3
Worksheet Word Easy comprehension with Qs in English 3
DR Mexican Word Worksheet on a mexican daily routine 3
DR Short text 1 Word Comprehension 3
DR Short text 2 Word Time phrases and daily routine text with exercises 3
Listening Vaya 2 Word Page 29 DR Gap fill listening 3
Past Tense Word Turn the present tense text into the past 4
Antonio Banderas Routine Word Past & Present tense description of daily routine 3/4
Routine Text Difficult Word Gap fill text and exercises 3
Routine Text Easier Word Gap fill text and exercises - easier version 3
Famous Person DR Powerpoint Set up of an exercise to make pupils write a 3rd person text in groups 3
Famous Person Grid Word Pupils then use the grid to assess other group's posters 3
Que Sueles Hacer PowerPoint Intro of vocab using structure of Soler 3/4
Chores Intro Word Worksheet with vocab 3
Chores 1 PowerPoint Intro of vocab 3
Chores 2 PowerPoint Intro of vocab with gaps 3
Chores OHT 1 Word Chores OHT with numbers 3
Chores OHT 2 Word Chores OHT with vocab 3
Chores OHT 3 Word Chores OHT with words underneath to be cut up 3
Chores WS Word Vocab worksheet on chores 3
Chores Code Word Break the code to find the vocab 3
Chores WS & Description Word Write down vocab and do description 4
Chores Recap PowerPoint Used to recap chores vocabulary and structures such as 'tener que' 3/4
Chores Paraphrase Word Guess the chore with the paraphrase 3/4
Chores Survey Word Survey to ask pupils about what they do in the home 3
Chores - Chaotic Listening Word Text to use for chaotic listening on chores 3/4
Chores Pictures Word Pictures to be used for chaotic listening 3/4
Chores - family PowerPoint 3rd person vocab 3/4
1st & 3rd Person Chores Word Worksheet to practise 1st & 3rd person chores vocab 3/4
Chores Worksheet Word Worksheet to develop vocabulary and comprehension 3/4
Chores Present Continuous Word Worksheet to write sentences in the present continuous 4
Chores Image JPG Cartoon 4

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