Spanish Resources - Other





Resource Name Format Description
Greetings PowerPoint Introduction to greetings language and worksheets
Greetings & Alphabet PowerPoint Learn how to introduce yourself and spell your name
Alphabet Word Worksheet to match up sounds to Spanish letters
Alphabet Flashcards PowerPoint Each slide is a letter
Numbers PowerPoint Introduction to numbers to 1000
Numbers WS1 Word Worksheet on low numbers
Numbers WS2 Word Worksheet on low numbers
Months Word OHT of months
Numbers & Months Powerpoint Introduces numbers and months to be able to talk about birthdays
Happy Birthday OHT Word Happy birthday song on an OHT
Colours Word Worksheet on colours - can be used as an OHT to introduce
Colours ws Word Worksheet - colour in the words according to the colour
Colours OHT Word version of above as an OHT
Pencil Case PowerPoint Introduction of language
Classroom Word Worksheet on classroom objects
Classroom instructions Word Worksheet on basic classroom instructions
Error Correction Word Worksheet on pencil case language and colours. Correc the mistakes (gender agreement etc)
Greetings PowerPoint Introduction to greetings language and worksheets
Qué tal PowerPoint Introduction to language
Me Presento PowerPoint Otra Vez reading game and ppt to go with celebrity guess who
Celebrity guess who Word Worksheet to guess celebrities from basic personal information
Dónde vives PowerPoint Introduction to talking about where you live
Nationalities Word OHT to set context of introducing nationalities
Nationalities PowerPoint Introduction of nationalities and countries vocab
Basic Questions PowerPoint Recap of key initial information questions and answers
Opinions Word Expressing key opinions
Spain Quiz PowerPoint Who wants to be a millionaire quiz on Spain and worksheet
Why Spanish Word Poster/Information on why study Spanish
How to do well in Spanish Word Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 and Year 11 versions
Opinion Bubbles Publisher for display *NEW