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Cultural Topics - Literature

Sin Noticias de Gurb by Eduardo Mendoza
Before reading QUOTES
Synopsis & Blog opinions 1
Front Cover & Intial Questions ppt 2
After Reading 2 revise
Days 9-11 in English 3
Essay on Gurb plus references Literary Themes
Info from Rincon del Vago pdf Characters
Language in Gurb cards to cut up General
Weather in Gurb ppt and essay plan
Intentions behind Gurb  
La Critica y La Burla & Essay Qu 2006a COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS
La Vida Extraterrestre & Essay Qu 2006b Days 9-10
Science fiction or not & Essay Qu 2007 pictures to order days 9-10 ppt
Behaviour & Misunderstandings - Events Day 11
2007 Essay Questions Day 12
Edexcel response to exam questions Days 13-14
Summary to reorder Days 15-16
Literary Styles & Events ppt Day 17
Reading Log Day 18
Vocabulary Day 19
Characters ppt Day 20
Characters P Version ppt Days 22-24
Personajes y Argumentos Days 22-24 ppt
Gurb guia (from TES but includes my work)  
Summary Easter Task
Como Agua Para Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
ELE Guide pdf Citas
Summary of Story Themes ppt
La Literatura es un acto de amor Titas Citas
Themes Styles Character Analysis
Revolucion Mexicana Character Analysis P copy
Spark Notes Tita summary overview ppt
Literary Terms Study Questions
Main Themes ppt VOCABULARY
Themes in depth General
Themes Overview
Questions for end of book April
February September
March October
April November
July December
September Important Synonyms
October ESSAYS
November Essay plan example
Reorder Events Chapter 1 Essay titles
Strange Events Useful Essay phrases
El Concierto de San Ovidio Requiem por un Campesino EspaƱol
Context Questions on play Personajes
Ejercicios de la muerte de David Historia
El Siglo 19 ppt  
La Muerte de David ppt  
Useful essay phrases Info on Carlos Fuentes
Essay technique