Spanish A2 Level Resources




Law & Order

Resource Name Format Description
Crimen y Castigo PowerPoint Crime and punishment-comprehensive PowerPoint with worksheets (Sigue 2, page 94)
Crimen y Castigo repaso PowerPoint Recap powerpoint and worksheet
Jovenes en Juzgado Word Worksheet to go with video from
Policia local y ciudadanos Word Text and exercises
Politics & History
Country Profile:Spain Word Gapped version and complete version
Timelime Word Timeline of key events in Spanish history (in English)
El Gobierno Word Information on Spanish government and worksheet
La Politica Espanola Word Informative text
Los Partidos Politicos Word Information
Spanish Election System Word Text
Gibraltar Word Text and exercises and history
Comunidades Autonomas Word Map to label and quiz on Spain
President of Everyone Word Texts in both Spanish and English
Definicion Word A definition of terrorism
For/Against Grid Word For/Against grid on justifying terrorism and on negotiating with terrorists with supplementary worksheet)
Terrorism Word Introductory worksheet 1 and 2
La Historia de ETA Word Text and exercises
Una coche bomba Word Text and exercises
Translation on ETA Word Translation and answers
Quiz Word Multiple choice quiz on ETA
ETA Video Worksheets Word Worksheet 1 and 2 to go with videos from
Yoyes Word Comprehension worksheet on ETA member
Victimas Word Text and exercises
Al Qaeda Word Text and exercises
Consecuencias de 11 S Word Text and exercises
Mas seguros desde el 11 S Word Text and discussion questions
Terrorismo Urbano Word Text and exercises on urban terrorism (gangs)